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E27 energy saving LED bulb

It may surprise you that LED lights can save up to 85% in energy usage compared to regular light bulbs. In fact a recent report on BBC News suggested that the reason that the UK has reduced its energy usage back to 1984 levels is mostly due to energy saving schemes such as replacing bulbs and other items around the home - washing machines, fridges etc. - with eco-friendly alternatives.


The most popular light fitting in the UK is the ES or E27 fitting. This is most likely the socket that you have in all of your lights around your home. These can be easily replaced with LED versions which look much the same to traditional bulbs but use less energy and tend to be brighter, too.

The cost of the bulbs is comparable to regular ones and probably cheaper than the low-wattage bulbs that have been bought in in recent years - the ones that look odd and take a while to warm up. Once in, you should see your energy bills reduce.

If you would like to talk to us about ways we can help you reduce energy - whether that's replacing light fittings, installing motion sensors or rewiring indoor and outdoor lighting, please get in touch.