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Use your own solar panels to capture the sun’s energy all year round, providing you with free electricity to power your home, electric car and more.


Store the energy in batteries in your own home, allowing you to build up a store of energy so that it is available to use when you need it.


Save money on your energy bills, store electricity for when you need it, add value to your property and reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Solar PV

We can help you install solar panels at your home and help reduce your energy bills. Generating your own electricity has a number of benefits, including reducing your carbon footprint and allowing you to increase the number of devices in your own, including an electric vehicle without increasing your energy bills.

The process

The first step is for us to pop round for a quick chat to see what you would like in terms of the number of solar panels, how much energy you would like to generate and if you wanted any battery storage capacity. We will then perform a few quick checks to see what is possible.

Free, no obligation quote

We will generate a report which will contain the expected amount of electricity that your installation will generate, expected savings along with a quotation for the complete system, including installation and a time scale.

If you then wanted to go ahead, just let us know so that we can organise a convenient date with you to install the panels and connect the system to your existing power system.

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